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There are situations in life, you’ll remember forever.

Around 2003/2004 I had an oral exam at the end of Prof. Haberfellner’s lecture on systems engineering at Graz University of Technology. After the exam he asked me, „What do you think about the lecture and its content?“ My immediate response: „Your take on systems engineering is too dogmatic.“ Frankly speaking, I was wrong, my answer was wrong, and I knew it in the very same moment.

And as things come, exactly this systems engineering has become and still is the key factor in my business career. Over the years Prof. Haberfellner and I met several times, at scientific symposia first, later also in business relations. I’m pretty sure to remember all those occasions, where I had the chance to philosophize on systems engineering in its various forms with one of its brightest minds.

TL;DR: Thank you, Prof. Haberfellner, I owe you a lot – Rest in peace!



Neues Systems Engineering Buch erschienen

Neu erschienen in der überarbeiteten Auflage und heute in der Post: Das GfSE Systems Engineering Handbuch: Die Klammer in der technischen Entwicklung, wo ich zusammen mit Martin Geisreiter, Claudio Zuccaro, Jürgen Rambo, Hannes Hüffer, Thaddäus Dorsch und vielen anderen Mitautor spielen durfte. #systemsengineering #gfse #unboxing #noboxwithoutcat

Neues Buch mit Katze
#unboxing #noboxwithoutcat

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